The Mann Group investment philosophy begins with a strong understanding of local markets. Our team invests in emerging neighborhoods, staying in areas that meet our investment criteria, such as access to mass transit, vibrant retail corridors and publicly funded catalysts for change.The Mann Group then seeks out assets, in these identified areas, that are underutilized, operating inefficiently or with below-market rents. By entering emerging markets, before they have matured, The Mann Group is able to buy properties well below replacement cost and create substantial returns for its investors.


The Mann Group is well versed in navigating capital markets – raising debt and equity when time is of the essence. Our successful track record and strong relationships with lenders ensures our continued access to the best possible financing terms.Staying on top of market changes, trends and tenant preferences allows our team to thoughtfully reposition assets with the right finishes, layouts and amenities. For redevelopment projects, The Mann Group assembles a team of contractors, subcontractors and vendors to execute each project on schedule and within budget. Our keen understanding and vast experience in planning, design, approval processes and construction budgets mitigates risk through the development process.


The Mann Group employs a wholly-owned subsidiary devoted exclusively to the management of its real estate portfolio. The company’s property management team works in conjunction with its asset management team to ensure that each property operates in the most efficient manner possible and achieves our business plan’s cash flow goals throughout ownership.